Why Brexit will add labour woes to an already stretched e-commerce sector.

E-Commerce sales have grown hugely over the past 2 years and many warehouses with manual packing stations and a reliance on temporary labour have found it difficult to keep up with increased demand.

With a wide array of automation available in the market, it can be difficult to decide what is the right solution for your business needs today and more importantly, in the future.

This webinar will provide insight on the new challenges facing the warehouse, logistics and ecommerce sectors and discuss the benefits of automating manual processes.

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Phillip Cotton Phillip Cotton Sales Manager UK @Ranpak Automation
“Recently starting with Ranpak in November 2020 and coming from a role with 15 years packing line automation experience. Previously, 20 years in various service based roles. In the first 9 months of employment I am privileged to be working with a very positive, forward thinking company that puts its customers first and is focused on providing the best solution for your requirements.”

Ruud Van Den Heiligenberg Ruud Van Den Heiligenberg Senior Sales Manager Europe @Ranpak Automation
“I am working in the packaging industry for almost 20 years and I am with Ranpak Automation. since 3,5 years. Selling with focus on the full process of the customers operation to find the best solutions. I strongly believe in longterm relationships with customers and making my customers into ambassadors for Ranpak Automation.”