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Dematic Grocery and Food & Beverage Solutions

Trends for a New Era.
The past few months have revealed the weaknesses of our existing fulfilment systems ― lockdowns and closed borders interrupted global trade and supply chains, creating bottlenecks in production and delivery. Restricted access to stores and supermarkets due to social distancing have increased e-Commerce orders but have resulted in longer delivery times. Some retailers have been able to cope better with the situation, but all have been challenged by it.

Learn how Dematic can help you be prepared for the present market and the changes to come here.


Dematic Protein Solutions

Bringing Order to Chaos for Meat Protein Production.
An in-depth look at the complexity of order fulfilment within the protein manufacturing industry. In this current reality with a highly contagious coronavirus, protein manufacturers will experience ever-increasing demand to fulfill orders within strict health and safety measures to ensure a safe and robust supply chain.

Learn how Dematic can future-proof your protein business here.


Dematic Cold Chain and Frozen Goods Solutions

The Path to Lights-out Automation in Frozen and Chilled Environments.
Cold chain solutions have become more important than ever, supplying fresh and frozen goods to supermarkets and grocery stores. With imposed lockdowns and closed restaurants, the demand for frozen convenience products (such as ready-to-cook meals) has grown 30%. There is strong pressure for cold chain companies to invest in automated systems to survive the current competition and meet future requirements.

Learn how to improve your cold chain and frozen goods business and prepare it for whatever comes next here.


Dematic e-Com Solutions

he Next Step to Success.
The ongoing pandemic has clearly demonstrated how crucial supply chain flexibility is to retailers. With stores closed or restricted due to social distancing, demand for e-Commerce has jumped. Even the biggest retailers have not been able to keep up with the demand. This is an opportunity for retailers to use omnichannel distribution – not just to survive, but grow.

Learn more about Dematic’s solutions for retailers large and small and how automation can be the next step to success here.


Dematic Mobile Automation

Easing Labor Challenges with AGVs.
Labor scarcity is one of the most significant challenges in warehousing and distribution. A shrinking, rapidly aging population means that 40% of the workforce will be age 55 or over by 2026. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are high-impact mobile automation solutions that ease labor challenges while providing a quick turnaround on ROI.

Learn more about the types of AGV technology and how AGVs can fit into your operation here.


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